Innodrive Reel Drive System

One of the largest capacity and operationally proven systems for onshore and offshore projects.

Modular Carousel System

Modular umbilical and cable carousel system offering safe, fast and economical installation of subsea power and telecoms cables


Customisable reels for storage and installation of subsea umbilicals, flexible pipes, mooring wires and power cables.


Robust and reliable hydraulic and electric drive tensioners ranging from 3 to 62.5T.

Under Roller System

Stand alone or multiple under roller units that can be fully integrated into any factory control system.

Level Winder

Controlling the fleet angle of product during spooling onto installation and storage reels.

Motorised Drum

Quick and easy transportation, preparation and deployment for the winding / unwinding of flying leads.

Electric Drive Lay Spread

Innovo and Sparrows Group deliver the largest capacity fully electric drive system available to the rental market for product laying or retrieval offshore.

Transpooling Spread

Transpooling equipment ensures the safe transfer of flexible product from transportation to installation reels onshore.

Ancillary Equipment

Off-the-shelf and bespoke ancillaries.