Innovo’s lightweight pipeline alignment clamp significantly improves the safety of tie-in operations inside the trench and reduces the overall time taken for pipe alignment.


  • Offshore energy.


  • Aligning onshore pipeline terminations for a semi-automatic welding process
  • Pipes ranging from 24-in. to 48-in. diameter.


  • 12.5kW diesel powered hydraulic power unit
  • Top pistons exert opening / closing force of 4mT around the pipe
  • Bottom pistons exert a closing force of 80mT around the pipe
  • Pendant control for easy operation
  • Inner surface area allows for an adapter to accommodate smaller pipe diameters.


  • Balances robustness for safe and rigid termination alignment with lowest possible weight and size for easy handling and installation
  • Lightweight for use in a trench and for crane handling
  • Configured for ease of maintenance.


Pipeline Alignment Clamp

Pipeline Alignment Clamp


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