Innovo partner company, MTEK Offshore Solutions, is the exclusive worldwide representative for Prime Marine Services’ patented range of hydraulic cutting shears outside of the Americas.

Together with MTEK, we offer an integrated cutting solutions service combining Prime Marine Services’ range of cutting shears and operators with our engineering and project management services, ensuring we add value to every project we deliver.

Prime Cutter Sectors

  • Offshore energy
  • Marine.

Prime Cutter Applications

  • Surface and subsea operations
  • Single or multi-string conductors, grouted or non-grouted
  • Concrete
  • Steel.

Prime Cutter Features

  • Shear models 16, 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48
  • Severance range from 6 to 62 inches
  • Gated hydraulic shear encompasses the object being cut.

Prime Cutter Benefits

  • One blade working from one side completes the cutting action
  • Cuts can be made above or below water, in any angle or position, vertical or horizontal
  • Limited number of moving parts – eliminates the need for jack hammers, air compressors, blasting equipment, cutting torches and diamond saw cutting
  • Reduces barge and service equipment time – with the push of a button, the cut is made within a matter of seconds
  • Diverless cutting operations.

For more about our partnership with MTEK visit MTEK Offshore Solutions.


Shear Cutters

Shear Cutters


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