Innovo design and build bespoke stand alone or multiple under roller units that can be fully integrated into any factory control system.

Our four-wheel drive hydraulically powered under roller system is available for rental and can be mobilised and deployed quickly for installation, recovery and decommissioning projects.


  • Renewables
  • Communications
  • Offshore energy.


Spooling and deployment of:

  • cables
  • flexible pipe
  • umbilicals.


  • Bespoke systems for handling and manoeuvring reels up to 600T capacity, 14m diameter
  • Rental system for handling and manoeuvring reels up to 500T capacity, 11.4m in diameter
  • Hydraulic or electrical drives
  • Jackable, traversing or static systems available
  • Modular interchangeable roller corners.


  • Easy access to components
  • Can be used for different reel cradles / dimensions
  • Road transportable and can be shipped in standard containers.
  • Wheel drive and idler units can be unbolted and easily moved for use on other reels and cradles on site.


Under Roller System available to rent

Under Roller System available to rent


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