Innovo’s electrically driven level winders control the fleet angle of product during spooling onto installation and storage reels, helping to ensure smooth, safe operations.


  • Renewables
  • Communications
  • Offshore energy.


Laying or retrieval of:

  • flexible flowlines
  • umbilicals
  • mooring wires
  • power cables
  • fibre-optic cables.


  • A trolley with a vertical rollway to guide the product spooling during pay-in / pay- out operations
  • A main frame with two rails on which the trolley runs
  • An electrical motor that moves the trolley by means of a chain
  • Max speed 0.5m/min (laying)
  • Max trolley stroke 8m
  • Controlled by Innodrive RDS Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).


  • Compatible with Innodrive RDS series
  • Auto-spooling mode
  • Easily transportable by sea or road in standard containers anywhere in the world
  • Can be installed or uninstalled in one working day significantly reducing mobilisation or demobilisation time.

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