Innovo and Sparrows Group deliver fast-track flexible lay spread for Saipem in West Africa

Innodrive 700T electrical RDS installed on the Saipem Constellation pipelay crane vessel.

Client: Saipem
Flexible lay spread
Block 15/06, offshore Angola

The challenge

Multinational oilfield services company Saipem commissioned Innovo to quickly deliver a flexible lay spread for the laying of coiled pipe in the West Hub Development Project, block 15/06, offshore Angola.

Innovo’s Innodrive Reel Drive System (RDS), was key to the award of the contract, being powerful enough to install coiled pipe and available to be immediately transported from the UAE. We also had the expertise to swiftly supply a modified tensioner in partnership with Sparrows Group to suit the client’s requirements, as well as all the metal structures required for positioning it.

The solution

Innovo and Sparrows worked together on this fast-track project to provide a fully integrated service, providing simultaneous engineering and construction capabilities. Innovo’s scope of work included the design, build and installation of the associated vessel grillages, reel saddles, reel loading guides along with installation and operation of the Innodrive 700T electrical RDS.

Sparrows’ 15T tensioner was modified for vertical use, tested and calibrated by Sparrows’ UAE team before being installed on the Saipem Constellation pipelay crane vessel and mounted onto a diverter chute frame for spooling product into and out of an under-deck carousel under controlled tension. The diverter chute and tensioner support frame were designed and fabricated by Innovo, along with modifications to the carousel spooling chute and the integration of the RDS with the tensioner.

The result

  • Innovo and Sparrows provided safe, reliable equipment customised to the client’s requirements
  • The project lasted approximately two months, with personnel working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to deliver the most efficient and technically compliant solution
  • Supply to the client was rapid and, being from a local source, cost-effective.
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